Deserted streets in the city of Birmingham


Jonathan Laidlow grew up in the northwest of England, near the Sellafield nuclear power plant, which regularly leaked. He has one good leg, one good eye, and one good ear … He lives in the UK.

All of my published short fiction is available free to read on the internet at the following sites. There are currently podcasts of three of my stories.


Free to read/listen online:

Rag and Bone, Scrap and Sinew (2020)

The Astronaut Tier (2018)

Bystanding (2018)

Darner (2017)

Obtrusion Rate (2017)

Hyrmnal (2016)

Inundated (2016)

  • Listen: Far Fetched Fables, May 2017 (podcast, reprint)
  • Not currently available to read for free
  • First published: Ecotones (ed. Andrew Leon Hudson), December 2015