Yesterday, I wrote about how excited I am that I have a story in an anthology of fantasy and science fiction coming out next month. Today, I’m taking part in an “Ecotour” where the contributors and editors write something for each other’s websites about the project.

So, I am happy to introduce N. E. White, a co-editor and coordinator for Ecotones. She’s here to tell us why she allowed Andrew to run with the theme “ecotones”.

Cover of EcotonesYou know, when I first saw that word, I really didn’t know what it meant.

Well, I had an idea what it meant (after all, I do have a degree in Fire Ecology), but I didn’t feel I had a good grasp on, say, how I would use it in a sentence.

But when others approached the topic with hesitancy on’s forum, I went to bat for the theme.


Because it made some people uncomfortable. It made them think outside their comfort zone. And that feeling of sitting on the edge, wondering if you’ll soar or fall, well, that’s an ecotone I’m willing to explore.

And so did quite a few authors (including Jon). We got stories about humanity’s first colonization of a hostile planet, first contact, jungle eco-terrorism, urban terrorism, coastal destruction, and even a military romance – all with a speculative bent. Their interpretations of ecotone seem confounding to me, but that’s the point. Ecotones is a transition between biomes, real or imagined. They are not always easy to define even when you are right smack-dab in the middle of it. Maybe, especially then.

I’m thrilled to share this year’s anthology with the world. We have a set of entertaining stories that I know folks will enjoy and share with others.

Thank you Nila!

 I must admit that I found the theme quite daunting, and had to check “Ecotones” on Wikipedia before I could even start to think about writing a story.

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