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My story will appear in the ‘Ecotones’ anthology

I am delighted and excited to report that my story, ‘Inundated’ was chosen to appear in the forthcoming anthology of fantasy and science fiction, Ecotones.  The collection also features authors…

Stephen Palmer: Urbis Morpheos

Fungal dreams and nightmares. After finishing and really enjoying Palmer’s latest novel, Hairy London, I thought I’d give his previous book, Urbis Morpheos, another try.


Ian Sales: Then will the Great Ocean Wash Deep Above

Ian Sales’ Apollo Quartet is an award-winning sequence of alternate history novellas which explore different aspects of the twentieth-century space race.

Andy Weir: The Martian

The Martian is an odd book to review. I’m giving it three stars but it could be two or four, depending on what you want from a novel…