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‘Inundated’ podcast at Far Fetched Fables

Yuri woke up to the sound of waves breaking at the end of the street, and knew that the undines had breached the final defences.

‘Inundated’ was my first published story and it will always have a special place in my heart. The publication was a small anthology known as Ecotones which is still available on Amazon. It contained some great names you may already know, such as Ken Liu, Lauren Beukes and Stephen Palmer as well as some up-and-coming talents like my friends from the Archipelago, Charlotte, Kurt and Andrew.

Today Far Fetched Fables are releasing it as the latest episode of their long-running fiction podcast. I’m very excited, as this is a first for me.

I wrote about the origin of ‘Inundated’ when it first came out, so I won’t repeat them here. The story is about a father and daughter, an apocalyptic sea god, and undines. I hope you enjoy it.

And after you’ve listened to this one, you could read my latest story ‘Obtrusion Rate‘ over at Liminal Stories.

Photo by Tobias van Schneider at Unsplash


My story “Inundated” was published in the December 2015 anthology, Ecotones, as I may have mentioned many times. Sorry about that. I wrote the following piece for the “blogtour” we did to promote the anthology, and am republishing it here from fellow contributor and novelist Daniel Ausema’s blog.

When the theme for the anthology was announced, I was still stuck writing fragments and ‘flash’-length fiction of about 1000 words or more for the forum challenges. I found constructing longer stories quite difficult, though I’d made a few half-hearted attempts. (more…)

Why ‘Ecotones’?

Yesterday, I wrote about how excited I am that I have a story in an anthology of fantasy and science fiction coming out next month. Today, I’m taking part in an “Ecotour” where the contributors and editors write something for each other’s websites about the project. (more…)

My story will appear in the ‘Ecotones’ anthology

I am delighted and excited to report that my story, ‘Inundated’ was chosen to appear in the forthcoming anthology of fantasy and science fiction, Ecotones.  The collection also features authors such as Ken Liu, Lauren Beukes, Stephen Palmer, and Tobias Buckell.