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‘Inundated’ podcast at Far Fetched Fables

Yuri woke up to the sound of waves breaking at the end of the street, and knew that the undines had breached the final defences.

‘Inundated’ was my first published story and it will always have a special place in my heart. The publication was a small anthology known as Ecotones which is still available on Amazon. It contained some great names you may already know, such as Ken Liu, Lauren Beukes and Stephen Palmer as well as some up-and-coming talents like my friends from the Archipelago, Charlotte, Kurt and Andrew.

Today Far Fetched Fables are releasing it as the latest episode of their long-running fiction podcast. I’m very excited, as this is a first for me.

I wrote about the origin of ‘Inundated’ when it first came out, so I won’t repeat them here. The story is about a father and daughter, an apocalyptic sea god, and undines. I hope you enjoy it.

And after you’ve listened to this one, you could read my latest story ‘Obtrusion Rate‘ over at Liminal Stories.

Photo by Tobias van Schneider at Unsplash

A snail at the Event Horizon

Why, it seems like only yesterday that ‘Hyrmnal‘ was published at Do you remember those days of mollusc madness? I sure do.

Since then, this blog has been suspiciously quiet.

“What have you been up to, Jonathan?” I hear you ask.

Well! I’ve been writing and revising new stories, and have a few forthcoming publications to announce once contracts are signed.

But this week’s post is about Event Horizon  – a new ebook anthology collecting work by lots of excellent emerging writers. The goal of the book is to promote everyone who is in their first year or two of publishing professionally (that is, selling stories at ‘professional’ rates of pay) for the John W. Campbell award.

‘Hyrmnal’ is in it, alongside many better (and longer) stories by names you might already be familiar with.

I wouldn’t bother nominating me for the award, but wait until you see what I publish in 2017!

Here’s the best news, the book is completely free. Get it now. It’s available until July only.

I’ll be back soon with news of what I’ve got coming out next. Enjoy Event Horizon!

And no more snails, I promise.